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Relocation Services

Corporate relocation services are our core business.

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The West of Ireland boasts many opportunities

with two international airports, two regional airports, short commutes between major locations, many multinational, as well as local, companies/businesses. The West Coast also offers an array of attractions, services, cultural pursuits and lots of outdoorsy activities along its Wild Atlantic Way. 

Interestingly, Shannon town, located near the Shannon Estuary was borne out of the premise that highly skilled individuals, and often their families, were willing to relocate their expertise to Shannon, creating the first planned town in Ireland in the 1960’s. The concept of industrial parks was developed (along with our cities and many of our towns) along the west coast, where things have become quite cosmopolitan over the years. So it remains today with many people still relocating to our open economy to spread their expertise. 

Relocco is focused on helping people to make well-informed decisions based on our professional knowledge and research. Relocco also strives to equip people with the ability to adapt quickly to life in the West of Ireland by understanding the social norms and rich culture, lightening the difficult decisions to be made during any relocation to make it more interesting, enjoyable and integrated. 

The relocation services we offer include:

Needs Assessment

During this first contact we discuss the relocation process, provide details of typical houses, explain schooling options and provide other useful information about the locality. This allows for expectations to be set from the very beginning which will allow your employee arrive in Ireland with a realistic and positive image of where they are going to live. 

Temporary Living

Corporate apartment management can reduce the cost of a hotel stay by more than 50%. 

We believe the key to successful living in corporate apartments is well prepared handovers. A smooth transition from one employee to another has a high impact on the quality of this service. 

Area Orientation

During an area orientation we help your employee understand different locations in relation to the office, schools and local facilities. Visits to suitable properties are part of the tour. We also include insights on practical aspects of everyday life all of which help build up a positive and realistic impression what it will be like to live in Ireland.

Group Moves

By group moves we refer to the transfer of more than six people who are not related, at the one time. 

We talk to the transferees before they move about the relocation process and address concerns which usually centre on housing and schooling. The rental market in Ireland is very tight. Nevertheless, with our excellent professional relationships with estate agents and schools, and our high level of expectation management we have a track recording of being able to house groups within a short period of time. 

Home Search

Ultimately the success of the relocation process is measured by the happiness of the transferee and their family. Knowledge and integration is key to long term happiness in a new location. Our extensive experience allows us to research the property market beyond what is listed on the market. This allows us to offer more options to our clients based on budget and personal requirements.


We provide general information on the education system in Ireland establishing realistic expectations for parents. We help with identifying suitable schools, setting up school appointments, accompanying on appointments if requested, helping with the purchase of school books and uniforms, information on extra-curricular activities.


This service typically involves support with the opening of a bank account, PPSN (local tax number) registration and local immigration registration.

Partner/Spousal Assistance

Whether one is looking for work or just to settling into their local community, Relocco can arrange a bespoke service to include: review and help prepare CV, information on self-employment support, career continuation coaching and tips on how to get involved and make new friends.

Departure Services

The departure process can be daunting to an employee and expensive for the business remaining liable for their deposit. We serve termination notice, arrange per-departure inspection, agree what works need to be completed in advance of departure, attend formal check out and assist with handover of utilities and manage the refund of the deposit.

Expert Relocation Agent

Patricia McCarthy, Owner of Relocco

Patricia McCarthy

Owner of Relocco