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About Relocco

Relocco is focused on helping people to make well-informed decisions based on our professional knowledge and research.

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Patricia McCarthy

Owner of Relocco

Patricia has considerable expertise spanning many years in the relocation industry. She is a respected relocation professional whose vision is simple: to help people make the best choices so as to benefit from the exceptional and affordable work life balance that living in Ireland’s west coast has to offer. 

In every relocation it is important to strike a balance between the concerns of home and the challenges of a new position.  Moving home and family can be stressful.  There are innumerable life changing decisions to be made. Deciding where is the best location to live, finding a home, deciding what school is best and arranging the other detail necessary to get life started again. These are decisions that most of us take many months or years to ponder on yet somebody who is new to an area has to make such decisions in a matter of days. 

After many years of relocating families from all corners of the globe, Patricia has developed an extensive network of business and personal contacts. These contacts together with her professional experience allow relocating assignees to make well informed decisions within a short timeframe. We take pride in the speed with which we can help people settle and quickly begin to call their new location “home”. 

Relocco operates a highly personal and tailored service in a niche market offering relocation services to companies whose facilities are based in the West of Ireland. 

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